batteries sold separately .

jackass number one: "aye, you should get tatted on your foot . i think that's sexy..."

jackass number two: "umm ...why dont i see you in heels often ? you should...i like that in a girl"

jackass number three: "you should cut off all your hair . i love girls with short hair"

wait . i am so sorry guys . i misled you and made you think i cared about your opinion . in case you didnt notice, those sentences all had "I" in them . so it's obvious that the suggestion was more about them then it was me . & as a background sidebar, i didnt ask for their opinion on the matter . when these two peener faces said this to me, i chuckled to myself . i wasnt irritated because they had critiques to make me into their "perfect girl" .... wait, yeah that's why lol . i am myself , not some barbie who comes with attachable hairstyles, outfits, tattoos, and interests . i dont twist 360 degrees at the waist . is it not enough to just pursue who i am and dive into my "me"? instead of encouraging me to get a "white tiger tatted on my side" (a guy really told me to get that) ..how bout you take an interest in my current tattoos ? instead of telling me to wear sneakers, embrace the me who likes to wear what i want to wear . instead of tellin me to "loosen up", invest the time to see me act like a complete idiot . earn the right to know me .

as a matter of fact . you dont have to take me as i am . but if you cant, then dont take me . lol

but once and a while ... you come across a guy who likes you for you . he can appreciate everything you do (even when you dont notice you are) . ladies, cherish these guys . they are investing their time, eyes, and observations in you and what makes you tick . the guys who say "you are beautiful" instead of telling you what you could of done differently . the guys who just look at you and say, "you didddd that" (smile) . im just sayin, girls... pay attention , cause those are the guys who dont want to create a woman, they like the woman you are now ...
* this is an ode to the guys who take girls for who they are . (and the vice versa)

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  1. i wear imnot emotional but this blog really just made me tear up! wtf right lol...
    ughhh Stevi u give advice indirectly its awesome.