it's not him, its you .

Guys are always known as "the dogs" .
"I aint gunna ever find no good man"
"N*ggas aint sh*t"

in other words, "woe is me" .

Men are very simplistic creatures . They have an objective in mind, and if they can get it, they will take it . Ladies, if you give them sex ... they will take it . lol on what planet do you live ? You give him sex & expect that to be some air tight, binding contract that he will always be there and that he loves you . come on, think logically . if you wanted something soooo bad and all you had to do was say 3 words to get it , who wouldnt ? smh . Guys do what they do, because they can . & i dont blame them ... if you treat yourself like youre worthless, so will a guy . Now, dont get me wrong ... a man should have integrity & values ...however, its stupid to assume they do .

women can be so blind at times . "nuh uh, i dont like her ...she was flirting with my boyfriend last year" . whaaaaaaaaat ? im so tired of girls disliking other girls when their boyfriends are the dogs. It takes two to flirt, text, have sex , etc & yet you're thick enough to believe that your man is being harrassed . spare me . please wake up, idk how many times imma have to blog about this . we're so ready for our prince charming that we're ready to hop out of our own castle window and run to him . psh, let that nigga slay the dragon and work to get you ...ughh, you deserve it . =/

you wonder why youre unhappy . you wonder why everything seems to be falling apart . hmmm , its you ...not him . sure, its him in the sense that he's a bastard . but its you because you dont have the courage to stand up for yourself, eliminate the problem & move forward . stop being so dependent on a penis to make you feel worthy . be your own person .

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