cloudy with midnight showers .

women .
im so tired of men making women out to be some type of monster .
"women cheat more than men" . no, dummy ...we dont . its just that we are better at it , which makes you scared that we cheat more than men .
we're gold-diggers, sluts, manipulative, "leading the man astray ever since eve gave him fruit"
haha . if women messed up by leading men astray, then men messed up by failing to be the leader that they should have been. God told Adam not to eat the fruit, and a real leader would have told Eve, "No" . but anywho, i digressssss . lol i love men, dont get me wrong...but i dont love boys with supressed, false ideologies of the sexes .

on the contrary, women are strong creatures who deal with the hardest of obligations . holding a human being in your stomach for nine months is no joke . being born with a nurturing demeanor and ability of compassion is a lot to handle ... giving birth to boys just to have them call you bitch, slut, and whores . pretty discouraging .

with such heavy weight to carry, i came to this conclusion:
if i had to settle down ...
i would want a guy who wants to be my support system ;
a guy who would rather take my burdens as his own than risk the chance of my unhappiness.
a guy who is strong enough to carry my worries with me .

a guy who makes my soul heavy with gratitude .

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