testimony time .

woke up at 6 o clock tuesday morning to go to torrance .
stomach in knots and thoughts rushing all in my head .
my brother could have been going to jail .

the attorney sed it was the "best he could do" ... the minimum sentence .
my blood was boiling to say the least .
but i was trying to figure out what to do .
karen quiet, daren quiet, random girl that i dont know ... quiet .
the second time in my life i felt completely helpless .

so i decide to go outside and pray .
while im outside praying, this old white lady is looking at me in a weird way ... like she had never seen a person talk to God before (which says a lot about our society) . anyway, right as i get done talking to my boss about things (the evangelist woman), i felt better .

needless to say, our prayers worked . so happy that i get to see my bro sommore and that he has the opportunity to live his life to the fullest .

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