not so simple .


my blog is the content of who i am . what's more personal than someone's thoughts expressed through writing, pictures, youtube videos & links ? i mean i could tell you in person, but a lot of the time ... people arent in the mood to hear what youre saying . they arent interested . i often say random thoughts to my friends & they look at me like i spoke in chinese. when it comes to a blog, people make the choice to see what you're talking about . so with that said, my blog is real . real in a sense that im not holding back, what i say is legit .

i say this because (from an outside perspective) it may seem like my blog world and the real world contradict themselves . for example,
* i say that i wanna just chill at the house, order pizza and watch a movie with my man ... lay in my pj's with my hair tied up. ha, but i dont mention that i cant get that comfortable with a guy until i trust him enough to see me in that light .
* i complain that heels hurt my feet, but not that they are bomb & are crucial for a "omgawdshebaddd" moment .
* if someone doesnt know me very well, i tend to be quiet because i like to observe & listen . it's not a weakness, it's a strength . those who truly know me also know that i am rarely one to hide my opinion .

as cool as blogging is (for so many reasons), it cannot adequately provide a perfect idea of a person . people are complex, & as much as i can appreciate simplicity ... its rarely in my life . i like boots but can digg a good barefoot moment . i pig out on food, but i secretely yearn to eat healthier (not gunna happen though haha) . i like to treat people with respect, but i am also very critical of what the world has become . i say all of this to make a point: too bad i forgot what it was ... haha ! chow .

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  1. Lol at the point being lost after all that...