stevi's randsom note .

Do you ever just feel like you dont care about anything ?

I mean so non-chalant that you dont even care about how this blog comes across ?

Sometimes i have this feeling like im the only person who gets me . It's almost as if everyone around me is moving at 150 MPH, carrying around a bunch of invisible "BS" on their backs and im the only one with the magical glasses to see what it is . Everybody wants something from me, or is fake, or takes advantage of me, or wants to prove to me that they dont NEED me around . They rebel against their own inhabitions and release them on me .

Now, im no victim . I lose no sleep . All i care about these days is a fun, positive, God-driven life with REAL people in it . Unfortunately, thats causing me to emotionally-roll-my-eyes at all the other stuff . People in general make me tired, drained . i dont wanna talk to anybody, go anywhere, fake-laugh, be polite, nada . i just wanna r e l a x .

and with that being sed, im holding myself hostage & in hiding from the people & things that bother me ... until i say so . bye :)

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  1. ive stayed in my house for a week n a half last summer...i know what ya mean