air muffins .

those gold pumps in her closet have the power to kill, if they wanted .
they could stab her in the neck while she was asleep .

her little black dress could strangle her, if it wanted .
it could suffocate her, leaving her helpless and gasping for air on the kitchen floor .

her louis handbag could pull on her shoulder until it dislocated .
her stone-studded watch could cut her wrists, have her bleeding on the corner of rodeo drive .
her newly purchased lucky brands could hang her from the ceiling on a bright, sunny morning .

wait, they could not .

but him .
met him on a monday .
they dated on tuesday .
made it official on wednesday .
fell in love on thursday .
he was jealous on friday .
dolce shades cover up black eye on saturday .
...her funeral service is sunday .

sometimes, labels are easier than love . i wish she could see how unhealthy his love is . i pray my heart out, cry my eyes out for her . sometimes, experience is the best teacher ... but damn .

song: labels or love - fergie .

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