"turning to stone"

SO . this runaway mini movie is getting so much buzz .
some people are saying that it is pure genius while others are claiming that his celebrity blinds the audience .

okay , ... kanye's acting sucks for the most part . However, he is doing something that a lot of people cannot see . In Runaway, Kanye is resurrecting the idea of "high art". Throughout history, there have always been forms of art that were suspected to transcend the limitations and stigmas of 'common folk' . Kanye is doing that here with his movie - The cinematography is gorgeous , the music is clearly amazing, and the themes of the movie are going above people's heads . just that scene alone with the phoenix & the little lamb on the green lawn had me on stuck lol . These concepts about perception, conformity, and internal death shift Kanye's film from a gimmick to a new age of artistic expression :)
p.s. if you dont like the movie, so what ... the truth of the matter is... kanye stopped caring a LONG time ago :/

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