burn baby burn .

at times .
i become nauseated by the human condition .

sometimes ..
i feel like i am at an "all you can eat" buffet of narcissism, insecurities and selfishness .
when chewed,
it sits at the top of my chest, slowly and painfully being digested -
my stomach churns at the thought of its thickness .
the rusting of humanity is hardly a thin concept to understand .

once & a while ..
balance refuses to happen .
the villains win, the heroes perish & the hard workers burn on the asphalt with roaches .
time does not heal all wounds, but merely acts as concealer for the scars .

something can be said about the rush you get from a VIP booth at the club, being behind the steering wheel of a Range Rover, or being tagged in a picture full of "important people". that diminishable, manipulative high that hides your priorities so you cannot find them ... you cannot see anything BIGGER .
inspired by:
kanye's runaway short film .

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