the birds & the bee stings .

topic number 2: "the main"

me and this guy got into a conversation he said, " ... stay single . every dude around my age is gunna cheat . girls always want relationships, it's just better to be a main ." now, i tend to only argue about things that i can take seriously . that comment was so backwards to me that i didnt even respond ... i laughed . however, when i saw the conviction behind his eyes, i felt compelled to say SOMETHING , anything .

now, i understood his argument . he said, "we start talkin to a girl and then a couple months in she askin 'whaaaaat areeee we ? blah blah blah' and then we're obligated to jump into a relationship ." i completely understand this . [GIRLS, never pressure a guy into a relationship . if he is not willing to commit on his own, the whole relationship becomes 'forced' .] He went on to explain that it is better to be a main , "i go to the club, get some numbers, meet some girls ... leave the club and call the main up ."

But, if im talking to a guy for numerous months and he cannot commit ... that's perfectly fine ... if i dont want a relationship . however, if i do want one then im probably headed for the door ...headed for someone who's goals are in line with mine. what worthy woman wants to be one of many females ? some females are girls that you date, others are girls that you wife . the key ingredient between the difference is 'SELF-RESPECT' . the thought of another girl kissing and/or having sex with a guy that i'm really feeling is some bullsh*t thats not worthy of my energy . not to mention, if the tables were turned ... a lot of guys would lose their mind if a girl they were feelin was treatin was messing with other guys . DOUBLE STANDARD . i can always respect a man who says he doesnt want a relationship, but dont condemn the girls who want to be treated exclusively .

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  1. "emcee anonymous"
    he is right

    im willing 2 atemptt 2 commit
    but ur "not looking 4 a realationship"...
    but if u felt the LOVE that i could omit ,
    ud b luv flushed, drunk, and sick

    baby at my touch u mite flinch
    m i trustworthy u dont noo this
    blind fold ur self n falll
    ill catch u with my finger tips
    n then
    pull u up fast resulting in a collision of r lipzz

    girl they say ever kiss begins with kay
    well i wish 2 finish with u everyday
    wats my name its (---)
    reppin dat 954 allday
    stevie u need 2 b my ladyy lol

    "emcee anonymous"