hello, -collision-, goodbye

"i wonder why i never learn my lesson . it's feeling like the second chance & it's the first impression ." - Aubrey "drake" Graham .

since i have your attention, here's a toast to you .

a toast to the boys with paprika smooched skin - a tone so sweet & rich that my teeth ache .
a toast to the wide smile guys that hatch cocoons in my stomach. smiles so stunning that red illuminates underneath my cheekbones .
glasses raised to the men with wit - causing the corner of my mouth to tip toe into a smirk . & for the ones who can muster up a laugh-so-hard-that-my-tummy-hurts ; make his a double .

a toast to the boys with a sense of style & silhouette of their hometown: Los Angeles, Atlanta, DMV, Houston, New York, and the islands .

this is a toast ,
to the activists
to the writers. mathematicians. singers. entrepreneurs & you .

a toast to the guys walking in suits that could cut through glass .
a raised glass to the athletes who choose crewneck hoods over Hugo Boss .
the guys who let you walk on the inside of the sidewalk .
the guys who open car doors -nursing chivalry back from it's DEATHBED .

a toast to the MEN who are honest, straightforward, courageous and classically secure in themselves .

but one too many drinks could be fatal, so ill just propose a toast to YOU .

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