a bloody, blue & white sonnet .

i met a man on the MARTA today
i gave him a cracked, collapsed little grin
his skin sparkled in a gold-kissed sand way
and his voice rang like it sprang through tin,
"ever love someone who doesn't love you back?
stepping on the coat tails of your bent brain
so it does not run -into what life lacks .
you stray from your hope in love, from your pain ."

this fellow with - the broken, hurt windows .
his glass shears stabbed me, pleading with my pride.
"naw," i took the easy route- ten fold;
i swallowed hard and shifted my glossed eyes .

he sat back and smiled, "love wont weaken you"
it's natural, sweet; what God meant us to do .


  1. ever admire your counter?

  2. I know it's random, but I glance at it when I read this and remembered when you didn't want to put it up.

    Go on! Lil Steve! lol

  3. lol you . stop being weird & calling me 'lil steve' aha ...

  4. way to take the fun outta of it man.lol stevi is what everybody calls you.

  5. ...or caramel mona-lisa goddess . but you know, 'stevi' works too . lol

  6. mmmmmmmmm, along with the accent [i can just tell] that first name may not be too coo.lol But I digress... Back to blogging. Peace out!