to be beautiful "us" .

we are the kind kin to the beginning .
-the descendants of Adam and Eve . pre-peach .
we make the world ours .
it is our oyster and we are freely bare;
exposing our nude souls and spreading our emotions like butter on biscuits.

we throw our laughs into the air
we walk barefoot, this is our land .
with our hands
we create pictures and tell stories and bug our eyes .

skin with color pallets of melanin hues .
deep and dark waves of chocolate crashing into silky skin .
sand-paper mosaic skin that reflects off of the sun .
reddish tones crushed into smooth, adobe skin .
hair twisted up, heated and stirred, wrapped in resources,
braided bundles, colored, cut, dyed, and done .

hips swaying to the tunes of turmoil .
feet dancing despite disaster .
pelvis, chests, and thighs ... lifted to the skies .
Black people make life blush .
-a pinnacle of beauty .

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