la belleza natural ♥

Zoe Saldana is a person that is an undeniable beauty . i always hear guys talk about how beautiful she is . I think Zoe's natural appeal makes her so attractive to so many men . The Jersey, New York & Dominican Republic native has no inhibitions about being articulate and well-spoken . No pink wigs, no butt implants, no lip injections, or sex tapes (yet =/). With Dominican and Puerto Rican heritage, Zoe just seems to be down to earth and in touch with who she is as a human soul . THAT'S BEAUTY ! [this video is behind the scenes of her recent calvin klein video]. PS, ifyou do not know why im tlking about zoe, refer to the post below ...


  1. Sooooo you just gone compliment yourself... subliminally? lol tigghttt