preserve the punch line .

"red toupe on the coup, you've been fired ." ahhhh oookay!
you really just cant sleep on GOOD music . i meant to post this & then i was reminded today ... me and kanye went on "a relationship break", but we got back together :) ...how often does that happen ? lol . that man has a piece of my heart .
"fresh air, rollin down the windowwww . too many urkles on ya team, that's why ya winslow"

this cypher wasnt really a "cypher" to me, but nevertheless ... it was fly .


  1. thanks for posting i was about t put it on my fb like the next a.m but then every1 in my newsfeed had it.. so i figured everyone knew what was up... i was glad to be assured kanye is back as well

  2. right ? he's the man ! and big sean was coo too ... im looking forward to more stuff from them