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i feel like this is worthy of a blog post because it hits home with me ... well let me see it hits 'the house' more than anything .

Vibe magazine, a prominent magazine in the African American community wrote an article about a couple of "out", flamboyant gay guys at Morehouse college. The piece intended to shed light on these young men & their adjusting to the new dress code implementations at Morehouse."The plastics", boys who like to cross dress, were glamorized throughout the magazine and (as a twitter trending topic) people are definitely talking about it . i have two things to say:

#1, i find it extremely disappointing that Morehouse College gets publicity for this nonsense. "The plastics" are made up of about six boys . SIX PEOPLE OUT OF 3,000? they aren't even a demographic to take seriously as far as stereotyping is concerned . Because these guys - dressed in hair weaves, foundation make-up, and "tote-bags"- get shine in the magazine, people like to make generalizations . this proves the ignorance & gullibility of so many people. the media is the devil lol .

#2, i do believe in tolerance . i do not believe in violence because of people's lifestyle . i like to stress the belief that people are humans before anything and beating a guy with a bat on campus because of his sexual preference is a disgusting thing to do . I think these men are entitled to do whatever we want , God gives us this option (although he holds us accountable for our choices).
#3, is it really thaaaaaaat outlandish to ban 'wearing dresses' at an all men's, private institution? Morehouse is strict about baggy pants and 'thug paraphernalia', so i believe they are within full rights to be strict about their students wearing "nicki minaj bangs" and 6-inch pumps? Ivy leagues such as Harvard and Yale are private institutions and base their rules on tradition. In the same respect, a prestigious school like Morehouse (with the legacy of Martin Luther King weighing heavy on their shoulders)would like to adhere to certain traditions.

just my opinion .
the article - http://www.vibe.com/content/mean-girls-morehouse (the article was removed because of the controversy lol)

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