red flags wavin'

* this weekend has promted a lot of things i need to discuss this week: 1st topic

ladies, people can change but you cannot CHANGE them . until you learn that fact, you will be in a continuous downward spiral in the dating realm . Men, a lot of the times, will show you who they are and we don't want to believe them ... then you end up 6 feet deep in ice cream watching four hour long lifetime movies .

God will show you what kind of guy you are dealing with through conversation . when i say 'what kind of guy', im not talking about a specific generalization of 'good versus bad'. i mean you will be able to assess a guys values, beliefs, strength of mind, and even confidence . For example, a guy tried to convince me that when he says, "im finna go hang with some bitches" that he doesn't see anything wrong with that . he attempted to explain to me that it's the same thing as calling his homeboys his 'niggas' .

* i asked him if he would ever call his grandpa a "nigga" . he said no . i asked if he would ever call his wife "his bitch" . he said no . those two people are not regarded as such because they are supposed to be respected . i think it's disrespectful and inconsiderate to decide what's okay to call me as a female . i would never call my grandpa "my nigga" because he's dealt with some painful memories regarding that word . in the same regard, men do not struggle with the connotations of the word "bitch", so who are they to give me that nickname ? the fact that i need to EXPLAIN this is pitiful to say the least ... people's minds have been molded & shaped into society's twisted perception .

in conclusion, i can respect a guy who has a strong enough mind to tell when he's being manipulated by the media . this "money over everything", "get b*tches", "imma cheat cause imma man", "dont trust no female" ... blah blah ... is so artificial it's ridiculous . transcend that .


  1. GIRL i barley noo u
    but i feel i need 2 own u
    a woman is not a possession..
    but my confession is that
    just hearing ur voice carrressing
    to my constant stressing

    baby girl u f a blessing from the man up top
    i jus want u 2 enjoy my pain lol,like looking down at a coffee stain
    u wanna get it off but u u love coffee ,
    n new the risk while u gentley sipped on the top

    my heart drops at the thought of ur tear drops
    soo look jus stop

    we r both preordained 4 greatness soo ill go and well meet @ the top

    u being mine is in controvertible text me back cuz im were it @ lol @

  2. lol sheesh "emcee anonymous" .

    thanks for the love .. whoever you are ?

  3. & you, "freshie" lol ... im not crushing on you . but thanks for the love anyways

  4. "emcee anonymous" i lik that lol

    your welcome beautiful
    lol n u noo who i m kid

    that poem was off the dome jus 4 u :)