10 little things you NEED to do ... soon

#1 . put aside 10 minutes to pray with God. Don't read off your lists of 'thankful fors' and 'forgive mes' . Instead, meditate with God ... communicate spiritually, not mentally.

#2. read "The Third Life of Grange Copeland" by Alice Walker (the author of the color purple) . Omgsh, one of the best books i have ever read in my life . it will change women's perspectives on Black men mentality 110%. It will also help Black men to understand what they could never put in words . READ IT !

#3. check out the three most poppinest 'slept on' LA artists in the game right now .

#4. refrain from buying the new trey songz CD . i love him & he is 'that dude' , but clearly he spread himself too thin & slacked on his album . smh - still love you tho trey trey lol .

#5. Tell FIVE people that you "genuinely love them" . i bet it will make their day =D

#6. follow me on re-furbished twitter @heartsNhandguns . (#shamelessadvertising) lol !

#7. Go to an HBCU homecoming (preferably Spelhouse, Howard, FAMU, Clark Atlanta or Hampton... i can only speak for those five lol). It will surely be a one of a kind experience ! fashion shows, celebrities, football games, comedy shows, parties/clubs, concerts, stepshows & TAILGATING :)

#8. JUST ONCE, say "yes" to the guy that you usually would have said, "no" to . they might turn out to be a pleasant surprise ;) ... or an axe murderer, be careful lol

#9. See "The Book of Eli" . that movie is impeccable and (if you allow yourself to think) will leave you speechless in contemplation .

#10. Think about something you're afraid of doing ... now, do it !

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