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a foreword : i do not mean to offend anyone . in the same breath, i DO NOT care who i offend with this post . i am simply observing & writing . feel free to disagree or agree, but either way ...it's gettin' posted lol .

INSECURE (adj): Lacking self-confidence; plagued by anxiety .

insecurity is an ugly word that no one wants to admit to themselves . unfortunately, this word is primarily associated with women . women are the ones who cry at night about the weight they have gained . women are the ones who say twisted things like, "what does she have that i don't have?!" however, if you think those are the only things that constitute insecurity, you are devastatingly mistaken my friend .

men's insecurity is also revolting . men who verbally abuse their women to make themselves feel superior. men who cheat because they're scared of getting cheated on . men who brag about their sexual activity to their friends . even worse, the men who LIE to their friends about the sex they get . (BTW, just because you get a lot of sex ... that does NOT mean that you were good . i have heard many of women laugh about guys and their lack of skill and/or equipment, eek) . nevertheless. there are two subtle, but VITAL types of insecurities that people have ...in both genders :

$$ : before our race, our school, our frats/sororities, and our popularity ... we are a soul . that's the rawest thing that we have about ourselves . . our soul is the thing that we are born with, but also the most easily-influenced thing . many people are so unsatisfied with their true personality .. therefore, they paper mache it with money . layer after layer, they lay label after label until they don't have to face who they are . don't get me wrong, fashion is cool & nothings wrong with wanting to look good . however, everyone knows "that someone" who has nothing better to talk about but their clothes & shoes & money they made , smh .

♥ ♥ ♥ : relationships are meant to be used for an exclusive bond, not as validation . there are so many men and women who NEED to be in relationships to make them feel worthwhile . they need to prove to the world (or perhaps just themselves) that they are wanted and needed by someone else . you know the type: they constantly slip from one relationship into another, into the next ...sometimes the relationships even overlap lmbo . & these relationships dont mean shxt , they're just place fillers . they cant face being alone because that would force them to face a mirror , to depend on no one but themselves . fact: the ultimate validation is God .

we all have insecurities ... BUT don't let them drive your life into ground . watch yourself .


  1. I agree! Everyone has insecurities, Men and Women! Fat or skinny! Beautiful or ugly! I think thats one of the things that all humans have in common!
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  2. I too am in accordance. We, as in everyone, tend to have a difficult time admitting that that we have certain insecurities. Its almost as if we see it as a weakness. A certain level of insecurity is completely normal---if you say you're completely secure w. yourself/situation, you're a liar. Everyone has insecurities, its the way we deal with them that separates the weak from everyone else.

  3. thanks for the love you guys :)

    @marie: i completely agree its normal & people shouldnt be ashamed . at the same time, sometimes people dont even know that they have em , smh .