S O P H O [cant wait for] M O R E .

Well, as this semester comes to an end ...
i guess it's time to reflect on my Sophomore Year here at Spelman .


that's all .

lol , naw im playin . People say that Sophomore year is the hardest year of Spelman (although who ever said that was probably a Sophomore) . This year was challenging in so many ways and i actually don't have much to show for it . No awards, no trophies, no certificates, ... 2 scars on my elbows if that counts lol . Everything that i gained this year has been internal . I have met some people that truly pushed me to be a better me . Friends who told me when i was wrong, encouraged me to want better for myself, and entertained my long, dense thoughts at 2AM . Im finally confident in pursuing my career goals and im determined to get the most out of life .

Personally, i have learned about my weaknesses and flaws . I had to face them head on & address them this past school year . My past caught up to me in ways that i did not think possible, but i was able to find the good in the bad . I dealt with the weakening and strengthening of relationships around me . I met people who taught me to think differently about ... everything .I LOVED. I HATED. I found a nice little nook in between . Most importantly, i found that the one thing that was consistent throughout this year was GOD . With all of the Joy and pain, ups and downs, triumphs and failures, God remained firm by my side .

synopsis? we had bad times: low funds, dangerous situations, ridiculous professors, chi-burnt feet, tears, anxiety, weight gain [lol], sloppy moments and all of the above. we had good times: church, shopping, 10 pg paper all time record [pow! lol], homecoming 2009, roaming downtown ATL, hump wednesdays, 3am conversations, freestylin' at BY's, sitting in the lobby of the theaters, vibin; BTW, see 'kick ass' lol... anywho, it was all good .

yeaup, im a rising Junior :)

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