4k denial ♥ .

he walked towards me , mentally . he spoke to me , spiritually . the frame of his body ... framed my life . i shouldn't have admired the picture so arrogantly ; like this masterpiece was of my brilliance . i stroked his face, his arms, his chest, this wooden frame so vigorously that i pulled back splintered hands .

splintered hands, splintered hands .

but i picked my fingers piece by piece until i built a bridge over nonsense . ill crawl across if need be to reach your sweet, honey bliss . your new & fresh hugs that will squeeze strength into my veins and shrink life's burdens like a 'drink me' bottle . I'll wonder about you until i wander over the bridge . your sprinkled crumbs of honesty, vulnerability, and dependability fill me up like a nourishment prayer . baby i've had a bite, i want the cake . you're something new, but i want the taste .

splintered hands, splintered hands .

sometimes i'm nostalgic . sometimes i think a ziplock bag worth of circumstance can change a garbage bag of bullshit . never fear flame , im too bored of that russian roulette ferris wheel . im crawling on the bridge ... away from crushed arteries & into your ER . forget that, have faith in your wisdom & boxing gloves . keep fighting, relentlessly ... im a feminist, but im bashfully your cheerleader . your fight for me ... through it all ...shall shake the contenders... like vibrato . the battles almost over .

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." - Maya Angelou


  1. I love when writing makes me think. There is an artist called Kerry Leatham and she has a song called a 'Different Light'. I feel the same way I feel when I read this as when I listen to that song.


  2. ahh ! that song is beautiful :)
    i never it before .

    thanks for the suggestion !