hello there .

So ... im at the poetry lounge lastnight, right (i mean, whats new? lol) ? (btw, check it out every tuesday night on fairfax & melrose, its cool) they had one of their poetry slams and it was 'coo' . i was impressed, but i was waiting to be moved . i was waiting for something to spark lightbulbs in my heart . you see, some poems remind you of experiences . some poems just make you wanna say, 'i feeeel you' . oh but once and a while, you come across poems that make you see things in a NEW WAY . So, Youssef gets on stage and puts everything in perspective for me ... you'll get a post from me later ;)
ladies & gentlemen ... Youssef's "Traffic".

[p.s. sorry for the quality, its the only one i could find]


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  2. Hmmm, i'm quite sure you could write something alot deeper.

  3. lol, ouch to him ?

    i think the concept was nice . i think the vulnerability was admirable & an analogy to traffic is cool ? no ? lol