chunky hearts .

"I hated to think of him smiling unless he was smiling at me. His grins were too precious to be wasted on ordinary mortals, especially women ."

Love is a simplistic something that S T R O K E S your inhibitions until they purr in solitude . She is the mother that births comfort-covered smiles . she is a farmer, raking the soil of our soul and pushing down seeds of ecstasy. love massages our shoulders until the knots of worry disintegrate into thin air . speaking of thin, love is not . Love is thick like wet, Georgia air in the midmost of May . it is Martin .

"Really, i never had occasion to doubt his sincerity, but i used to drag my heart over hot coals by supposing. I did not know i could suffer so ."

Love is a complicated something that let's you walk on solid ground and then pulls you by the ankles when you least expect it . She is R U T H L E S S, love that is . She is a racially ambiguous nymph that lures you in with sweet songs of bliss and passion ... then snaps your body into two . Love is a bear trap that you see and frolic in anyway . Love is ... pain painted in mascara . it is Malcolm .

"We were still in the toils and after all my agony, I found out that he was a sucker for me, and he found out that i was in his bag ."

Love is esteemed in the bible for a reason . Love is to mankind what a vibrant, plump balloon is to a toddler ... so precious, so majestic and yet so fragile . It is a thumbprint, specific for each heart and never duplicated twice . It is rain to the drought-stricken, but capable of flood . It is vitamin A, C, and ME to the mal-nourished and sick ... although some are allergic . Like black waves, it is beautiful in its prime but dangerous in it's possibility ... proceed with caution . Love is ultimately of God .

* inspired by Wale's 'Mixtape about Nothing' & quoted from Zora Neale Hurston's 'Dust Tracks on a Road' .