circle, circle, dot dot .

i saw a commercial today ...for 3D chalk ? these kids were drawing on the floor and these goggles made everything pop out at 'em . forgive me for sounding cliche but back in my day, chalk was just chalk . when i was a kid, drawing on the concrete was all of the '3D' i needed ! it encouraged me to have creativity and imagination . i would play dress up, play with dolls, play tag, football (i have the scars to prove it), kickball, dodgeball, handball, or doubledutch .

now, i know that our parents probably had the same complaints about our generation . after all, the kids born in '85 to about 2000 are one of the most controversial ones . although we have some of the most disrespectful, foul and lazy people to ever grace the earth in our generation lol ... we also have some ambitious, brilliant, and talented people too . i worry for the next generation . i saw a video of a four year old girl singing Nicki Minaj ...it kinda made my stomach churn . i saw a commercial for a movie ...it said, "3D ... and also in 2D" . also in 2D ?! they can say the words, "ass, damn, bitch, (and sometimes even nigga)" on television now . fifth graders have cell phones . & not to mention the obesity of today's kids ! things are changing drastically .

forgive me for being super nostalgic ... I'm just concerned . our kids will have the ultimate resources during the course of their lives . charter schools, Internet, scholarships, and crazy networking opportunities . but as i watched the little rascals, matilda, and the mighty ducks (i love that movie) today ... i just hope they have a good childhood as well . what do you think ?

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  1. All you can do is pray to GOD to look over them when you can't. Ask GOD to let his will be done in there lives and not there own, and make sure you set a good example for them, and not some singer or rapper with no morals.