deteriorating tulips .

Dear young black female,

Since birth, you drew the short end of the stick ; not because you have a vagina and not because you are Black ... but because society is not crafted for your species . you're a curvy, spunky, feisty fish out of water and other demographics do not know how to perceive you . let me rephrase, a lot of your counterparts - Black men- do not understand your worth . I could launch the blame on them like a grenade, but that would be unfair . I need you to be accountable for this deteriorated identity of Black womanhood .

We were once the Queens of Sheba . We were the ones in Africa with numerous husbands (mm hmm), we were adored, inspirational and a power presence in our communities . Even during slavery -a time when our ancestors were raped and dehumanized- African American women kept as much dignity and strength as they could . We even stood by our men when their masculinity was ripped from them every time they could not fend for their families & humanity. We were solid support systems and brilliant women! we knew how to both lead & follow ...

Now we're "Welfare Queens" as Reagan's moronic mind so eloquently put it . Women, we are more than hips, breast, thighs & vaginae... i promise . True, our bodies are awesome & we know how to use them like we're working heavy machinery lol . However, we have so much going on for ourselves . If we only use our temple for sex, men will never associate anything else with us . we hump like rabbits and then wonder why we have all of these little whore gobblins and ratchet boys running around like they have no home training [seriously] . women arent watching their 200 kids and then they(children) get their knowledge from lil wayne songs & BET .

Now we (Black Women) compete with one another for men . we fight in the middle of the street, cut each other with words, and use our bodies as bait to reel men into our lives . See, men are not fish . Once you use bait and hook a fish, the task is complete ... you go home lol . You can hook a man, but he is not forced to stay once he takes the bait . You're left feeling used and hopeless . All you can do is run your own race and have some self-respect . Find comfort and peace in the fact that no one can ever be you . Dig deep to find security in your beauty ladies .

All of my Love,
Stevi Renee

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