a romantic comedy . joke . ♥

baby, no one can make me feel like you can . your face fills me up like nana's cookin' on Sundays . & on some days, i just wanna feel you up like a chiropractor . the balls of fingers on the tips of chest, remember ? love, forget the rest . like an epitome, with me...you're at your best . they can't do it like me . im like your spine boy ...straight up, you can't live without me . i make you feeeeel good, that's why you scratchin on your veins, praying that someone can make you feel the same . im tryna keep my middle name 'syringe' , poke & prick until your free will is mine ... drug you up, make you light headed like wine .

[annnnnnd CUT !]
'i'll get it right ...'
[annnnnnd ACTION !]

honey, lift your feet up and relax . you want a sandwich? a hot meal? let me whip that up & i can tuck you in bed tight . nightey-night . oh, you know you're my world right ? you're the sun that brightens my soul after darkness . i'm mesmerized by your star constellations that form in your iris, or maybe in your mouth ... full of hot air-gas : a huge black hole that vacuums the sincerity out of every -

[CUT !]
"sorry about that ..."
[andddd ... ACTION !]

you're perfect . from your shoulders, wide as the country itself . your legs that stand as majestic as the mountains of Colorado . your hair that sways like the flowing waves of laguna . let me have your babies ? leave if you please, just please ! let me keep my ties and lasso myself around your heart . wherever you go, i'll follow . no matter what, what you do ... i'm here , to take the lashes of love . i love your masculinity ... like a bull in a china shop . yeeea this is some bull[beeeeep] ...

[CUT !! CUT ! CUT !]
"tell em what they wanna hear? sorry, can't do it ."

-- dating is a lot of taking and giving . you give lies, you get it back . you feed em bullshxt, you'll get it back in another way . if you start dating someone with a foundation of deceit, lies, confusion and manipulation ... that is the only thing that can grow from the relationship . unctuousness and 'game' only works ...until it doesn't lol . dating isn't a script, it's supposed to be genuine . be careful fellas & females , muah !