it's played out, boring .

"it's goin' down, basement ." - nicki minaj
"i fill her up, balloons ." - ludacris
"im dunkin on em, lisa leslie ." - nicki minaj
"i keep her runnin' back and forth, soccer team ." - wayne
"and i gotter nigga, grocery bag ." - gudda, gudda
"bout to set it off in this b*tch, jada pinkett ." - drake
"& you's a muthaf*ckin duck, daffy-dill ." - gudda [notice, he sucks lol]

you get the picture ? or should i continue ?

"i gotta eat like a runaway...
ya'll n*ggas aint eatin, stomach ache ."
- wayne
[that was the last one cause it was coo ... lol] .

although young money is guilty of exhausting this style of rap, they are NOT the only ones . it used to be semi-clever until i hear every emcee on a song handing out commas like they're candy . we get it, you can make an analogy by adding one word to the end of your sentence ... cool . in all honesty, it's getting a bit lazy ? saying a name at the end of a line is coo ...but not as creative as it could be . saying random words that make no sense is an insult to the rap game [cough, cough ...GUDDA, GUDDA] . don't get me wrong, some of these emcees are still awesome, but i just think it's getting ridiculous . what ever happened to smart hip-hop ? what ever happened to the metaphors used like lupe's 'gotta eat' and common's "i used to love her", kanye west's 'homecoming' ?

speaking of kanye ... lol ... he's one of the pioneers of this 'wait rhyming' . in "the good life" with kanye featuring t-pain (IN FRICKIN' 2007), yeezie started all of this ... hell, as far as i can remember ... when he gave us the infamous 'lawry's" line . that's why this dude is my favorite rapper . oh, you don't remember ? watch:


  1. Good post, i digg your style.

  2. don't worry smart rhyming's still alive as long as people like blu and j. cole are on deck.

  3. @michael -thanks !

    @amir - agreed ! blue & j.cole are both talented guys :)