brutus vs. ceasar .

they say, 'keep your friends close . . . keep your enemies closer '?
i think whoever said that implied that our friends just might be our enemies .
you see, everyone is fake to a certain extent . we pretend to be someone else in public . we are concerned about our gossip ...but IN DENIAL that it might actually be true . we say things we don't mean . sometimes we even come into situations, experiences, places, and relationships with ulterior motives . to be clear, people are not always looking out for you like they claim . you can't trust people :

* you know those people who hit you up on facebook all the time ...not because they want to know you, but they want to meet your friends ? they USE you for your connects, a date, parties, etc ?

* you know the 'friend' who comes shopping with you ? you hold up two shoes and they always seems to pick the one that make you feel awkward ? now, your friend may simply have a different style taste . BUT, when you see them a week later in the shoes you put down ? ... no bueno .

* you know the friend who likes to throw salt on you coincidentally when you're surrounded by the opposite sex ? hmmmm .

i'm just saying that people don't 'keep it as real' as much as they claim to . people who want you to choose sides in their arguments, when in all actuality ...they are just as capable of being triflin' as they accuse others to be . hell, i have some fake people around me as well . they think no one notices their dirt, but it's all been laid out to me. the things i know about some of my fake 'friends' could curdle milk, but i remain quiet . girls who cant stand me, but want to be in pictures with me ? guys who 'want a friendship', but really want my legs spread like butter . girls who pass judgement on me for who i am ? guys who are scared to 'seem' like douche bags, so they straight up LIE about who they are . i know more than they think i do ... sometimes, it's just best to shake your head & undermine them with a smile . i wonder if it's best to keep those people close ? sure, you're close enough to see their dagger ... but you're also close enough to get stabbed ...

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  1. something is seriously wrong with your mind, and i like it :)