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i know so many people who want to know whats going on BEHIND women in leotards & heels ... BEHIND a yellow, obnoxious Lamborghini ... BEHIND zane novels ... BEHIND Roscoe's lol [not that Roscoes is not ON] ... BEHIND the same ol' same ol' . sometimes we want something that's just as good , but behind the scenes . here are my 'LIVE LIFE' SUGGESTIONS :


Nylon Mag is a really dope magazine . between all of the gossip magazines, 'wanna be edgy' magazines, and distasteful ones ... Nylon is desperately stiff-arming the competition , rising to the forefront . Full of fashion, music, and unconventional celebrity coverage , this magazine is not afraid to 'write smart' . i might be one of the only people who READ magazines cover to cover instead of looking at the pictures (lol) but the writing is not 'dumbed down' for the audience . it is meant to be read too! i can appreciate a publication that appreciates me ... NYLON gets it .

TART is simply one of the cutest restaurants i've been to in a while . It sits shyly on Fairfax Avenue opposite the gigantic Farmer's Market . You've probably seen the colorful, little spot associated with celebrities and reality shows . NEVER FEAR ! you will not lose an arm and/or leg trying to get your tummy full ...the prices are reasonable . They are known for their pastries,desserts, and breakfast . Yet, their barbecue salad's go IN ! lol The decorum and atmosphere is cute and quaint with sofa-like booths, ocean blue walls, and little lights that string across the sky . kinda romantic :-* & i recommend it .

now, when this book was described to me, it was said, "this book is a fiction or non-fiction ... depending on how you look at it ." i was confused at first, but now i see why . The author of Conversations with God, Donald Walsch, explains how he had his first encounters with God. At one of the lowest times in his life, he writes a letter to God complain and rebuke what he's done in his life . After he puts his pencil down ... he feels this strange urge to write again, but he has nothing to say ... as he writes these words down, God speaks back . Take it or leave it, but it's a good read .

i was literally put on to these guys like ...nine hours ago, but im so appreciative lol [thanks, you know who you are] . Francis and the Lights : supposedly, they have been opening up for Drake and their music is sweeeet ! the vibe is very chill, but soulful at the same time . it makes me feel nostalgic about a time that i never experienced ...strange . anywhooo, check em' out . i put them on my playlist .

this band is really awesome . a friend of mine told me to check em' out last year & i fell in love with the sound .Somewhere Else's creative and witty music is creating a buzz in the LA area . i hate to compare bands to other artists because it's a cop out to me ...so, you simply have to listen and decide for yourself . they have a good blend of live instruments and rapping ; it's hard to come across groups who are so in sync with their music . look em' up on facebook and their site: http://wearesomewhereelse.com/


  1. Totally agree with your take on Nylon. I have mounds of this mag in my room!


    xox ,

  2. I agree with you on Nylon, its like one of my favorite magazines!!