[no title is worthy]

Dear 2015 Stevi Renee ,

take heed . remember the beach breezes . remember the headaches . remember the lucky boys run . remember the whiplash of highs&lows . remember the weight of arms , fingers, stares , and depth of breathes . i tucked the tender, time lapses in your black, strapless bra to remind you of things . remember the insomnia . internalize the car naps before they fade . take in the times you pulled the phone back from your ear to breathe . i tattooed the cuddles on your collar bone , to remind you of things . fathom the food , the food , the food . latch to that one, lightening flash moment of broken hope . hold on to the jokes, blushes, and pit of stomach falls . hold on to the feeling of small . lay in those moments teetering the walls . hold on to it all . one day these keepsakes will be needed :]

All of my love,

2010 Stevi Renee .

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