drain-o .

my heart used to make sense before this . now, it's flooded with memories of wide smiles, jumpy hearts and secret, violet smooches . overflowing into my concentration and now my eyes bleed 'what ifs?' . the flood leaked to my feet & im walking on the possibilities in things . im walking, feeling pressure in my toes like too-tight, nylon stockings . the same kind of pressure we put on ourselves to make the 'us' into diamonds . but, what was wrong with the worth before ?
"romance is about the possibility in things . It's about the time between when you first meet some fine ass woman and the first time you make love to her. Or when you first ask a woman to marry you, and when she says, 'i do'. People that been together for a long time say that the romance is gone... mm mm ... what they're really saying is . . . they've exhausted the possibilities."
- Larenz Tate , Love Jones .

is this romance that seems to be clogging the drain ? is this pile of the five 'W's the possibility of what could have been ? is romance the life support of love ? what happens when you unplug ? well , maybe heartbreak is a sick man's version of romance .

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  1. love is everywhere and all what is first is always the most important.