bug .

maybe they stalk my facebook .
i may not be the most discrete about my emotions . i go MIA and i write an aweful lot, in flowery language about my issues and feelings ...
but i don't understand .
is there some 'lets-wait-around-for-some-instability-in-her-relationship-so-we-can -pounce-on-her' club ? do guys just sit around waiting for a facebook status to change ? do they stare at some red phone (at their headquarters) that only rings when a girl is having some emotional trouble ? like , what exactly is this ill-romanced bat signal that sends guys into some rat race to pick of the pieces of hurt girls ? is there some script that all of these club members get after their initiation ? perhaps they receive a handbook in the mail: "how to spit weak game at a girl who's not in the mood" .

what gives em the moxy to tell me about my situation , the people i care about, the people who aren't perfect, yet, the people that i love ? what gives them the balls to tell me 'what i need' and what i haven't been given ? who told them that i was some damsel in distress looking for a knight in shining, faux leather that can sex me up into submission & 'give me what i need' ? psh . take your 'penis revolved personality' somewhere else .

i may be fragile, but im far from an imbecile . pack up your comparisons of who i'm with and what you can be . pack up your false sense of what a 'real man' is & your D-grade, lazy attempts to be a "shoulder to lean on" . i just want to know where your bat signal is coming from ... so i can smash it with my large, steel bat . plain & simple, it's none of your business & i dont need what you're selling .

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