confessions of a goose .

when the sky fell apart, i looked into the clouds & frowned .
i shook my head at God, 'just when i let my guard down ?"
i was lost in my ambivalence ... first pissed, then devotion .
God . i needa press pause, rewind, then slow motion .

i wanna fix things, take one for the team;
but what i thought would keep me full was only lean cuisine .
im starving for an 'us', but honest & real
too bad i gave my love for cheap, on sale ...a steal .

how could he think it's valuable ? when the actions scream to differ ?
'cause what he said don't add up, i wanna get like we were .
im hopin what we had wasn't mirrors and smoke
'cause im in bed at four am, still wide awoke .

my mind and heart throw fists tryna beat the other .
im tryna piece the two together while im duckin for cover .
im so annoyed that this love thing wont go away . . .
'cause if he asked one more time, then i'd probably stay .

but this is all a piece of crap, scrap metal at best .
claiming one thing to me , then act like it's 'on to the next' .
i just need a sign , something big and bright
maybe its the air and the sun , i simply gotta live life .

Me .

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