bros before hos .

boys are so concerned with the 'bros before hos' dynamic . they wanna make sure that they don't disrespect their friends by the intrusion of this new soul . it can be awkward , trying to introduce a 'ho' to the bros . they don't know her, they don't really care to . . . but because he brings her around, the bros kinda have to . everything is cool until it's not .

he starts spending more time with his 'ho' and then his 'bros' start to make the jokes . they got something to say about everything . "my nigga, you whipped." [then the eastcoast version] "aye my manz, you whipped." lol . & don't let his 'ho' be different from the usual ones he brings around , it makes a situation A LOT more uncomfortable . his 'bros' convince him that ALL 'ho's' are snakes ... 'girls are sneaky, cant be trusted." so, whats a boy to do ? he dismisses her off .

the bros can be anything from homeboys to homegirls . a 'bro' is simply a friend that was there before the 'ho' was . & that's the problem . because what happens when the 'bro's' find their special someones and the guy is left hangin, missing the one that got away ? tables turn . and lets say the tables didn't turn, then what ? then all of the 40 year old 'bro's' who never gave into love can sit around in a bar somewhere and wonder what couldve been ? lonely and drunk , together . all cause you let your 'ho' go .

let me warn men now not to EVER get rid of a 'ho' because of a female 'bro' . that has to be the most unstable thing to do to oneself . men will play the sh*t out of their girlfriends because of a homegirl who's been there before . a female 'bro' can talk sh*t about man's 'ho' and he wont even stand up for her . but there's a problem . women, regardless of how cool or down to earth, or real ... all want to fall in love . once they find the man that they fall head over heels for, they WILL go missing in action . Even worse, if the new 'love of her life' asks her to get rid of a male friend ... she'll probably do so . and men ... you probably wont even see it coming . then your 'ho' is gone and all you have is a silhouette of the 'bro's' that were there .

Men, you see how i keep calling your girl a 'ho' ? does it sound weird ? ...yeah, because she's NOT a ho . she's the girl that you fell in love with . The 'bro's before hos' dynamic only works if your girlfriend's name is cinnamon and her job is on the corner of some dead end , sketchy street . i remember a guy telling me, "i cant trust a scrape or put her before anybody until she's the wife ." hey dummy , she will NEVER be your wife if you treat her like a 'ho' . use some sense .

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