shipping burdens via prayer .

Dear Reader ,

there is something you need to understand . the sooner you learn and accept this fact, the better off you will be :

God has a plan .

as simple as it sounds, it is so hard to adhere by that fact of life . no matter how bad you try to fight God's plan or mold it into what you would 'ideally' want, God knows best . If it's meant to be, it will be . Regardless of where God takes you, you never have to worry about being alone . God isn't some hater, insecure friend who tries to sabotage and ruin your life . . . everything is for a reason . Take a deep breath, live life and stop fighting what the Lord has in store . It will be excruciatingly hard, but just . . . try to live by faith . i am .

All My Love,

Stevi Renee .


  1. You're right. I know God has a plan for me, im just too impacient to let him work in my life. Im glad I came across your blog, Those are some words I really needed to hear. :)

  2. it's sooo hard to just give it all to God, i know . trust me i know lol .

    but im happy you can feel this, thanks for reading (:

  3. I understand it, trust me. but i'll fight forever.

  4. every time i get stressed or im close to losing hope, i remind myself the essence of all you've just said. Everything falls into place eventually.

    Its crazy though cuz though I believe we all have the duration of our stay here on earth already planned out, i also believe we still have to work towards our goals----kind of like, you get back what you put in.

    i have a lot of contradicting thoughts.
    i just feel like i still have to fight for my goals & aspirations & distant realities---what if thats the plan..??

    ps: didnt mean to ramble

  5. lol no no no youre not rambling !

    i feel you & i feel the same way . God helps those who help themselves . sometimes , i just dont know what i need to pursue and i have to trust that God will make it clear for me :)