objects in mirror are closer than they appear .

why is SHE with him ?"

i always here this question thrown around in people's conversations . often times i feel like i ride the fence in terms of my feeling about that question . [not anymore]. Ever seen a drop dead gorgeous girl with a guy that you would label a '6' ? have you ever heard someone (have you ever BEEN that someone) say "Why is a cute girl like that , with a guy like him ?" OR on the other side of the spectrum , ever seen a really handsome guy with a boogawolf-looking girl ? Well . i respect those couples the most . you should too .

this first part is addressed to the men and women who constantly get grief about the looks of the people they are dating : to hell with society's opinion on YOUR connection with another person . if they want to measure the quality of your relationship on the basis of appearance, then they're clearly the ones with the problem . [Imagine this]: you and your gf/bf (whichever applies) walk into a room of your friends and your homies say, "whaaat are you doing with them ? you can do so much better?" AND you listen to them , turn towards your partner & say, "I think we should see other people." okay so ... what are you left with ? what satisfaction would you honestly get from that break-up ? your friends approval ? they (your friends) don't have to grow old and love someone, YOU DO . if you're happy with that person, it's your life .

Now, to the people who think they can be the Judge Mathis on relationship compatibility: who are we to tell someone that they shouldn't be with another person (based on appearance) ? you can date a girl who looks like say ...keri hilson... [lol] but she can be as interesting as watching paint dry . it's not right . the people who love for 'inner beauty' are the ones who get the most satisfaction out of love . i'm not saying that some people don't have BOTH beauty and personality (because a lot of people do) . BUT know this ... chemistry is not the same thing as inner beauty . finding someone who laughs at your corny jokes, understands your frustrations, knows you better than you know yourself, prays for you more than themselves ... that comes from the inside, but it comes from chemistry . basically, those couples get it , the superficial do not .


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  2. "To live is to not care for the opinions of others"...Great work lady. Feelin that Missy Elliot also.

  3. ...drying paint is boring...I like similes and metaphors, they turn something simple into something enjoyable...this post is true though. I'm not hype on looks if a female has an irritating personality...

  4. omg i like this post.. I was just talking to my mom about this a couple of days ago...