extinguishing .

i suppose i'll have a story to tell my little girl someday .
that's how i like to look at it, 'these things'. i just like to sit and think about the way i can tell my little girl that pain comes and fairy tales are for suckas .

but how ? all you want to do is stop her heart from burning , crusting on the outside and then roasting internally . who can handle giving their child Neosporin for their burns ? saying, "sweety, hearts burn slowly, but you have to extinguish them quickly before the flames spread to the mind ". she'd never understand ...my hypothetical daughter, that is . how do you tell your little girl these things ?

i just wanna wrap caution tape around disappointment and anguish . should she know that 'happily ever afters' often leave out 'behind the scenes' footage ? all you want to do is tell her that Cinderella probably has a jealous, obsessed ex that prince charming doesn't know about . maybe we can watch Snow White on Maury and her paternity test of the seven dwarfs . hopefully, we'll catch the 'Cheaters' episode featuring belle when she cheats on the beast with that horny, talkative, french candle stick guy ? somewhere along the line, i imagine i'll be torn between saving her innocence or branding it as naivete . honestly, somethings gotta give .

'cause this feeling aint for amateurs . . . and i could never take the tears of my little girl if she got her heart torn apart .Lord, please bless me with a boy .


  1. But boys get their hearts ripped out too! I have the world's sweetest son - he is 17. He is kind and loving and tender and good. (And handsome, might I add...) And he has just wanted to have a special other since he was about 13 or 14 and I have watched this sweet person suffer incredibly. It's not boys or girls - it's just offspring. They all hurt and then you have to hurt too.

  2. you're so right . i'd hate to see my little brother hurting too ! "and handsome" lol nice .

    im not asking God for a boy to avoid seeing him in pain . im asking God for a boy so i can teach him how to love and respect a woman's heart :)