Okay . people (including me) get sick and tired of Valentine's Day hype ... especially if you aren't in some romantic restaurant with a special someone lol . BUT, lets not hate on the couples that are surviving in a crazy, media-obsessed, network-crazed, love hopeless, technological fanatic world lol . MY TOP 5 COUPLES THIS V-DAY :

Adriana Lima & Marco Jaric [married now]: this couple is too cute for my life ! Victoria Secret model, Adriana Lima, was abstinent until marriage and a devout Christian. Marco was kind of a quirky, shy professional athlete who fell in love and HAD to wife her lol .

Lisa and Ed Hartwell : Ed, a former NFL player and Lisa, the hilarious, LA-native personality on The Real Housewives of Atlanta are such a genuine couple . They seem to truly be best friends. They went into business together selling homes and she tells him what he needs to hear, even if he doesn't wanna lol . After her heartbreaking divorce with singer Keith Sweat and child custody battle, Ed was really a rock for Lisa . Their friendship stands out the most .They're cute (:

Beyonce and Jay: come on now . this power couple took over the music industry and i think what's most admirable about this couple is their privacy . With the slip of a "resentment" song or two ...the couple keeps their business to themselves . Im so tired of people sayin, "Jay-Z is not cute enough for B". So what . She can truly get any guy she wants, so she got the guy she wanted duh lol . Not to mention, if a couple can unconsciously make THAT FACE at the same time lol ...they're meant to be (:

Barack and Michelle Obama: enough said .

Edgar and Mildred Gater: sighhh . these are my grandparents, married for 50 years this past June . I don't know anyone who loves their spouse like they do. After three children and six grandkids, they're still cuddling on the couch watching the Laker game (both screaming at the television lol). This past summer, i sat down and talked with them about their past experiences . They stuck through a lot with each other. College, Near death experiences, money struggles, finding salvation, losing their daughter, strokes, & seizures . Nevertheless, they stick around and continue to be the epitome of a couple . That's love .

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  1. Thank you. Didn't think I'd witness someone step aside from selfish gripes that many people make about Valentine's Day.