still waters .

"This was my chance to release him, and fight myself free from my obsession. He would get over me in a few months and go on to be a very big man. So i sailed off to Jamaica. But i freely admit that everywhere i set my feet down, there were tracks of blood. Blood from the middle of my heart. I did not write because if i had written and he answered my letter, everything would have been broken down . . ." -Zora Neale Hurston .

so , that's as far as i've gotten in her book . & so far, she survived without him . so far . . . it makes all the sense in the world to me . so far, i have still waters about this .

[taken from the autobiography 'Dust Tracks on a Road' by Z.N.H]


  1. response: and then the currents rushed in and he realized how far he had drifted, he sat there on his coast and ask God if he had made the right choice. Through the current and the waves he could still see all that he had left, beauty, sophistication, LOVE, and her smile. It's not much for him to build a raft and sail to her, but it is much to live with hurting the one girl he had learned to love in soooo little time, with so much unknown. Together they knew it all and if God shall smile on them again, or the sun caress there skins while laying speechless on his coast. So be it... until then he shall carry his heart in his hand and avoid contact with those who wish to pawn his saddest and regret to walk upon his coast.
    - Sincerely me,

  2. and they put all the BS aside & kept their focus on one another . they learned, loved, and laughed together again . they realized that all of the nonsense, obstacles and distraction were beneath them . they realized they were better than that & grew up .

    & they lived happily ever after .

    wishful thinking .