time served.

my friend once said, "He doesn't love me, he just loves being in love. he loves the thought of me."
i took that statement and stuffed it in my back pocket for a while, kept it close . now it means the world to me :

some people are so focused on being loved & adored that they cannot see how they fail to love their counterparts . they convince themselves that "this is the one", but they simply don't want to be alone . they cringe at the thought of emotional failure, meanwhile painting a veil on the people they supposedly care so much about . to want to "love" somebody, to be IN love with somebody really ? it means complete and utter selflessness .

in a strange sense YOU should have nothing to do with the other person . your flaws, wants, insecurities and needs are irrelevant because you are glued to that other person's soul .- not their face, credentials, popularity in society, or fashion sense -all diminishable . some people got the love game all twisted and that can be like giving an AK-47 to a five year old El Salvadorian boy . even when you scream at him to put the gun down, he wont understand a thing you're saying .

yes, it's volatile .


  1. This post alone could take up the whole page. Deep Stevi...

  2. It's true...
    Nicely written.