beating the 'boys club'

okay. as a disclaimer, i have some bones to pick w/ both of these ladies. nevertheless, no one is perfect . while keri hilson has evolved into some excessively narcissistic, arrogant monster ... she is a great songwriter, smart & she understands the romantic dynamic between powerful women & men.

similarly, nicki minaj has gained a lot of respect from me. not lyrically, because i still think she's 'gimmicky' lol . nevertheless, she too has a pretty insightful outlook on being a "boss" in a sexist industry full of men. and you cant knock her hustle, because she stays true to her persona... or multiple identities? ionno lol .

not to mention chelsea is hilarious:

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  1. http://farfromwarjones.blogspot.com/2010/12/disclaimer-part-1.html

    Go check this out please... I need feedback.lol I still think you're one of the greatest writers of our time. :) Keep it up