joy, blessings, and goodness to you .

holiday "haunt me" list:

i want a new watch, my favorite one broke & im sad .

i want an ipod . i think im the only person breathing on earth without one . when they first came out, i convinced myself that they were a "phase" ... it's nine years later & i look stupid

i'd love a spa date . lol

nevertheless, all of those things are superficial .


while the time period between november to february is said to be a time of celebration and festive atmosphere, it is no secret that a lot of people are depressed during the holidays. people get so confused because of society's portrayal of "the holidays" that they become unsatisfied with what they have . they see walmart commercials of superficial goodies, Kay Jeweler ads where it seems like everyone and their mother can afford tacky diamond-heart necklaces, and huge SUV's that are somehow put into big stockings and squeezed into living rooms . these depictions of christmas are pathetic, but expected from the capatilistic tendencies of america .

the holidays are a time meant for reflection and appreciation . i know it sounds cliche, but honestly people miss the real meaning behind the holidays every year . it's an easy thing to do, but we have a responsibility to keep ourselves in check . do you have fully working limbs? do you have any family or friends who care about you? do you have a roof over your head? clothes on your back? something you enjoy/something you're passionate about? (i really hope you answered yes to one of these things lol).

just ... know that you are blessed, a relationship with God should be #1 on your christmas list .

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