honestly, i feel like my attention has been in 20,000 places at the same time "/. my number one priority right now is making sure this fundraiser turns out like it should. im using this space to thank everyone for the prayers, donations, love & support ! The "Money Mixer" should be a great turnout - we have people coming from west hollywood, pasadena, inland empire, ... psh, the valley! everywhere.

i absolutely HATE that my sister had to spend her christmas in a hospital bed. if we can help to raise money, this will all be a thing of the past. i know everyone can not attend, but you can still make a difference. this is not 'some girl', this is my best friend. while people are buying cool greys & ipads, there are people who just want to feel physically GOOD.

everyone is invited tomorrow. this situation is so beyond beefs, pettiness, and/or drama. people will behave lol ... this is a cause that is BIGGER than anything else. please donate :] www.cotaforsamanthad.com

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