the ambition brackets ;

FACT: with such a high statistic of black men in prison, homosexual (out&closeted), and lacking a high school diploma, it's refreshing to see guys who are blessed enough to create opportunities for themselves.
MYTH: being a black man with a bachelors degree does not constitute a pat on the back from the cold, cruel world. they will eat men alive (including the chips they carry on their shoulders).

i have come to learn that ambition can lead you into many different mentalities. two stand out to me the most:

I. the blind ambition boy:
sometimes, there are guys who have a completely misconstrued idea of what success means. i'm not here to preach on the typical points of 'money isn't everything', but it's important to understand that human connection & flashy 'things' are not interchangeable. i asked a guy what he wanted out of life and he said, "man i wanna make it. i want a nice house, car, career, and wife." the day that a man puts me in the same bracket as his range rover is a pathetic one. materialistic goals do not bother me as much as the fact that they are dull, predictable, and lack any real imagination at all. we all want to be financially comfortable & stable, fine . but these mind drone, stereotypical perceptions of success cause these driven men to be the ones who lead double lives, visit the strip club more than their kids' football games, and turn their backs on ethical reasoning . they get so caught up in their expensive suits and 'look at me with my degree' that they take themselves entirely too serious.

II. the rare ambitious men.
these guys are genuine in spirit. they understand that education is not only a meal ticket, but a pathway to social, political, psychological, and spiritual enlightenment. they understand that luxuries are only comforts but not things that make or break him. he stands on things more firm than superficial concepts of 'importance'. i asked another guy what he wanted to do in life, he answered that he wanted to see the world and live life to the fullest every single day. he expressed that family was important to him and he wanted that one day. it may not be profound, but it came from an honest, wise place. i feel sorry for the men who are so concerned with this 'wealthy black man' persona that they neglect the abstract things in life: dignity, integrity, spontaneity, spirituality, intelligence and REAL leadership. they understand that having three years of college education under a belt does not make a man God's chocolate-wrapped gift to the earth.it is SO attractive to meet driven, black men who are grounded and humble- giving all credit where it is deserved... God.

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