english major mental breakdown

here at spelman, the boundaries and capabilities of my mind are constantly stretched like spandex . with a major in english, i read SO many books, critical essays, plays and poems that i don't know what to do with myself . i recently read a book that forced me to sympathize with a man who beat his wife ... i never thought i could . that isnt all:

poems that illustrated rape and pain . books that misconstrue the line between ethical and immoral . critical essays that challenge the labels of 'black, negro, african american, colored, and nigger". plays that portray a black man's spiritual castration and emasculation, some that depict the suffering of unappreciated women . i read about Haiti and their cholera crisis . i read about obama and wondered how he handles being stuck in a sea full of republican sharks ? world hunger, child abuse, cancer, HIV, identity crisis in the black community, humanity woes ... whoaaaaaaaa !!

call me selfish, but sometimes trying to reflect on all the issues and problems with the world can be overwhelming. i think one of my biggest fears is to become one of those ...

"serious people" . they are so focused with the imperfections of the world that they cannot see the beauty . they are those people at the dinner table who always have some 'educated response' to add. "well actuallyyyyy..." or "on the contraryyyy" or "excuuuuuse me? well, i have never !" they are offended by every comment and remark, they see humor as a nuisance instead of a necessity . yes, this blog is my outlet for any emotion, thoughts, social commentary, or expression .

.. but sometimes, i like to just take in a deep breath of this polluted air surrounding our deteriorating, global-warmed earth & laugh a little ;)

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