-- my freakin' family .

`` F A M I L Y .

that is the most beautiful, divine thing that i have seen . when youre younger, family seems like a given - something that is a right instead of privilege . the older you get, the more you realize that matching DNA does not equate to successful relationships .

there are mothers drowning their children, men shooting their brothers, parents abusing their kids, molestation, verbal abuse, mother's tearing down their daughters' esteem, and men leaving their sons and daughters to fend for themselves .

i am so blessed to have a loving family . a LOVING family ... it all comes down to love . people who are selfish, merciless, unstable, and/or incapable of love do not understand the construction of "family". i love seeing my brother and father smile . it's warm to know that there are people who genuinely want me to find inner peace & joy . i can't lie, me and my dad always argue lol but i know he is human and i know that he never had a father . so his devotion, love, selflessness and wisdom is extraordinary ! my family, all 15 gazzilion of them ... are alright by me :]

as a sidebar, women ... stop dating these men who hate the idea of family (trust me, theyre out there). those guys will generally look at you like a 'sold separately piece'. men, dont date girls who give up on family ... in case you didnt know, women are often times the glue that holds family together . if she doesnt believe in something, how can she nurture it ?

it's amazinnng to see families that appreciate one another ... try to see the value in yours (:

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