clear some air .

i need to explain some things .
i am not a basket case and i hope my literary pieces to not exude that impression .

yes, i have seen death up close and personal .

yes, i have suffered loss .
yes, i have been in love before .
yes, i have been heartbroken before .
yes, i have had problems, dilemmas, and trials .
yes, it has made me into who i am .

but WHO HASN'T dealt with these things ?

my days cannot ST0P because things "fall apart" . it has happened one too many times in my life for me to dwell in a stupor over it . you have to take the time to pieces things back together and work towards building that bridge .

i have grown pretty fond being told the raw, passionate truth . it would be a disgrace to my maturity as a person to settle for hidden testimonies, half-assed declarations of adoration and/or torn emotion ever again . i hope this inspires a girl out there who will one day understand the meat-market weighing of quality affection and honesty .

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