fearless refreshing ;

my Disney soundtrack started skipping this year . little blue bird songs are now sexy woes. the story's in pandemonium, but this is how it goes:

January is the antagonist to the almost was sob story .
blowing cool breezes on my wet face on the porch of brick brownstones .
pianos kept playing in the background- but not Stevie, more like Bach .

February, filled with red, black&blue hearts; but i Marched through the blur nonetheless .

April sprang spring on me like a "late" phone call .
but i bounced back at her .
for every drip of sap to fall, i styled my hair with it .

Mayday Mayday , shifts occurred - my mind made a shift & the world heard;
June kissed me good morning & massaged my shoulders into my twentieth year .

August left me reckless & rash . snatching pieces of arms & abs -folding them into my cleavage . nostalgic of last years' April - everything does not dig into the heart .

October fell down like a light mist on my mind & I'm not the same girl that i was . A fractured promise to the old me - crusted over with intellect & cold, but emotion & warmth puddled in my crevices . a woman, coming into my own .

December has me in a land of contemplation & peace of mind. spring cleaning in the snow, with some helping hands. blushing, smiling, and laughing like i should... anxious for what is next. see you soon 2011 :]

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