everyday is saturday night .

a wacky testosterone whirlwind .
where eyes, lips, arms, abs, and adam's apples bend ;
or any other generic male name
once the tongue speaks, it's all one in the same ?

qualifications and burdens shaken and stirred
ambitious, independent cheater, caring, needy, loving, liar, activist, - what a blur .
i'll close my eyes and duck duck goose you .
i suppose you're all interchangeable .

"you're not opening up to me"
"why you not f*ckin' with me?"
"you looked good last night ..."
"i bet you got a man, right ?"

maybe, in this masculine mush is "the one"
a guy that 'gets me' with a huge heart, weighs a ton .
but like drake said, "knowing me i missed it . cause me dedicating
my time just isn't realistic ."

dont double standard me & shake your head,
men think this all the time .
a genuine, logical thought
it just so happened to rhyme ...

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