laughing freely

for all the girls who are annoyed- just say this:

i no longer care about your attention .
and i say this at the risk of sounding inconsiderate, brash, and perhaps even arrogant . i can live with all of those titles but the latter .
you see, i wasted a lot of time bathing in humility and broken mirrors- trying to justify being disrespected and unappreciated. - not seeing myself in all entirety . my skin wrinkled up like prunes and i smelled of lilacs and disappointment .

-blah, blah, blah ... lungs sore from the same story-telling .
-blah,blah,blah ... mind is offended because it was given a puzzle produced for ages 4-5 . so simple, that i tried to make it more complicated ; some men are screw ups. some guys are crazy . some guys are not worthy . this is the last time ill paint it clear ...

still BORED .


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